A constant pursuit of improvement and innovation



Moderna is committed to protect the local communities and actively takes steps to support them. It is also committed to respect Human Rights and will NOT directly or indirectly violate them in any Country.


Innovative information systems & consistent business processes are the essential building blocks of our company, unifying the problem solving and the decision making. Business systems are designed to connect all departments improving performance & daily management: the backbone of sustainability.

Our systems provide a framework for a constant pursuit of improvement and innovation, and a deep understanding of ship management business change and motivation, giving confidence to our ability to adapt in the vast evolving shipping industry’s requirements.


Moderna is committed to providing continuous customer service and support; however, we recognize that there are potential risks that could disrupt our normal operations. We are confident that we have taken the necessary steps that will allow us to reduce or eliminate the impact of a business disruption.

Moderna recognizes the responsibility we have to our customers. We have implemented a business continuity management program with a strong governance model and commitment from senior management. Our continuity program’s primary objectives are to meet the needs of our customers, maintain the well-being and safety of our employees, both ashore and aboard, and meet our regulatory obligations. The planning process is risk based and involves the understanding and prioritization of critical operations across the firm, the anticipation of probable threats, and the proactive development of strategies to mitigate the impact of those events.

Our continuity planning teams work closely with government and officials in the event of an outage impacting our operations. Detailed response plans have been developed and cross-discipline teams have been trained to address both day-to-day disruptions as well as these specific events.

Each Moderna department has developed the capabilities to recover both operations and systems. All continuity plans are designed to account for disruptions of various lengths and scopes, and to ensure that critical functions are recovered to meet their business objectives. Dedicated teams within our technology organizations ensure that critical applications and data have sufficient redundancy and availability to minimize the impact of an event. Key components of Moderna's continuity and technology recovery planning include:

  • Alternate physical locations and preparedness
  • Alternative means to communicate with our customers
  • Back-up telecommunications and systems
  • Employee safety programs